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We're happy to announce our second plugin, yPHPLista. yPHPlista integrates PHPlist, the famous open-source, free and powerful mailing list software, with wordpress smoothly and now with AJAX! Other plugins haven't been updated in a while, or they don't work with the latest versions of phplist. importantly, this plugin does all of that but allows you to keep your user on the same page, not send them to an ugly "thank you for subscribing" page.

On a recent development job we encountered a real stumper -- our buddypress activity streams weren't showing any blog posts. We searched high and low, all over the deep internets...til we realized the very simple yet grossly un-publicized problem: If you are using buddypress and you have your privacy settings set to block search engines, blog posts will not show up as part of the activity stream.

"Can you make this link open a window in a new tab?!" Sigh.

So, you have a site with limited commenting. Since having comments off is the default behavior, we only really want to let people know when comments are *on*. Sure, you could hack into the backend and edit a line in wp-includes/comment-template.php, but that will get replaced every time you upgrade. See how we do it!

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