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Project Leader Behind-the-Scenes Specialist

We’re here if you need a little hand holding.


Social Ink believes in the power of everyone–even if you can’t write a line of code. Whether you’re a nonprofit or drumming up support for an important initiative or rebuilding your resources, or a small business looking for a plan for growth, our team will help you to create an innovative platform for outreach and development.

Get Social

We believe in the power of social interaction as well as the indispensable need for great design. We will happily integrate the latest and greatest social media technologies–and will advise you well on how to present them, including where they may be the best asset for your site.

A Unique Model

We started Social Ink to help organizations that can’t retain an in-house web, communications, or IT department—and we build websites using Content Management Systems which give you control of your content and enable anyone on staff to add and edit content—no coding required.

Let’s Do This!

Social Ink is here from start to finish; we provide full service content planning, web design, development, and visual identity, from concept to launch. Together, we can do this–we’ll work with you to develop a visual strategy, design a new logo and branding guidelines, work with your analytic statistics to understand your target audience, organize your content, and develop an intuitive, consistent interface optimized for accessibility and extendability down the road.

Techies Rejoice!

Tech Veterans

One of our specialties is partnering with fellow tech professionals. Our experience runs deep across a layer of different technologies, open-source and closed source, from WordPress to Drupal, PHP to Rails. As the web moves from the dinosaur scaffolds of old approaches and frameworks, we can help manage constant updates, plugin conflicts and legacy compatibility. We’re here to help you and your organization, and maybe free up a bit of your time!

Advanced Payment and Registration Flows

Want a specialized e-commerce shop, processing credit card payments for a custom assembled package of goods? We’ve got you covered–we’ve worked with industry leaders like Stripe, and Shopify. Need a sophisticated membership website, with registrations for conferences, events and trips? Not a problem. Let us think of new ways to integrate disparate 3rd-party services into systems that simply work.

Seamless CRM and API integration

We also love to relieve the headaches many technology leaders sustain when implementing outside CRMs such as Salsa, Salesforce, and Convio. When you work with Social Ink, we identify how and where you use these systems–and think about how to best optimize their usage, APIs, and wherever possible seamlessly automate systems. No more manual slogging required!

Best Practices

Our code is always cross-browser and cross-platform compliant and built to be backwards compatible with older systems and extensible toward future development as new mobile devices and touch-screen interfaces emerge. Social Ink is also devoted to best practices when it comes to coding for accessibility, web standards, and providing access for those with disabilities per Federal ADA guidelines.


Our path to your new website

  • Discovery

    Evaluate your positioning, outcomes, audiences, and existing analytics.

  • Design

    Research-based, with iterative rounds of feedback to perfect your new look.

  • Development

    Streamlined code, built on our staging servers, for zero disruption of your current site.

  • Beta & Usability Testing

    A collaborative time for real-world testing and final polish.

  • Launch!

    Seamless launch for maximum fun.

Executive Summary

Meet the people who work with you

Social Ink was founded eight years ago by two friends in New York City. Our mission is bridge our existing design and development expertise in the worlds of social justice, education and the arts. From our start in home offices and coffeeshop cubicles, to our current headquarters in DUMBO, we have maintained a commitment to our founding mission.

We pride ourselves in being a local design and development shop, and our clients reflect our commitment to the diverse communities that make up New York City. We purposely maintain a nimble profile: we work with a select group of clients, and always provide a direct relationship between your project leaders and our principals.

We believe in a collaborative, iterative process that covers the lifecycle of a website or digital product. This process is part of our collective philosophy – we apply the same shared ethos to our internal work and our client relationships.

Our code is always cross-platform compliant, built to be backwards compatible with older systems, and future friendly as new mobile devices and touch-screen interfaces emerge. Social Ink is devoted to best practices around accessibility and web standards, providing access for those with disabilities along Federal ADA guidelines.

Our Team

Team Leaders

Yonatan Reinberg

Lead Developer, Co-Founder

Yonatan Reinberg

With years of web development and research experience in the nonprofit and small-business arena, Yoni has worked with many local and global organizations integrating technology and social life. Holding a doctorate in interdisciplinary anthropology, technology and intellectual property, his interest in the intersection of new media, globalization, and social integration guides his commitment to Social Ink.

Matthew Pinto

Lead Design, Co-Founder

Matthew Pinto

As Design Lead, Matthew specializes in User Experience (UX), User Interface Design, Visual Identity, and Front-end Development. A background in museums, universities, and progressive think-tanks informs his experience leading clients through the design process. Matthew holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MA in Media Studies from The New School.

All-Star Teammates

We are an energetic team that is passionate about design, code, and the web ecosystem. Our project manager and junior design and development staff keep us on track and make your sites come to life.

Krista Christophe

Projects Director

Krista Christophe

Krista leads Social Ink's internal logistics and project management. Her leadership experience with small businesses, nonprofits, and national associations guides her relationships with Social Ink's clientele. Krista is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a BA in Public Policy Studies, with a background in web production and content management. She has been known to take the occasional late night bicycle ride around the park.

Zhen Zhang

User Experience

Zhen Zhang

Zhen is a UX designer with years of practical experience in web and mobile application design in both the United States and China. Her passion for education and user interface balances intuitive and rich design across all of her work. In addition to UI, she focuses on art direction and information architecture practices to round her user experience toolset. She holds a Masters Degree in interactive and visual design from the University of Illinois at Chicago, with work experience localized in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Brooklyn.

John Bhatia

Frontend Developer

John Bhatia

John is a front-end developer specializing in CSS, Javascript, and interactive UI. He prides himself in "fine tuning" the end product and providing a bit of extra polish. John's experience across a range of digital interactive projects for small business and nonprofits position him at an important juncture of Social Ink's process.


Beautiful design and brilliant code, custom made for you.

Website Development

Customized Content Management Systems (CMS)

Whether we’ve worked with your team to design a new website or you have designs ready to be implemented, we develop robust, dynamic websites which are built to grow as your organization does.

Social Ink will build your site in a Content Management System (CMS), either as an extension of your current platform or in a new framework, ensuring non-technical staff can easily maintain, edit, and add content to the site, while retaining the look and feel of the new design. To learn more, have a look at our resource, Why Convert to CMS?

After your site launches, a live training session ensures that you are able to take over and manage your site, regardless of your programming or technical background.

Social Ink is devoted to best practices when it comes to coding for accessibility, web standards, and providing access for those with disabilities. For more, please see our statement on accessibility.


Sell your goods or services without the overhead of a brick and mortar. We can turn your site into an instant payment gateway. Whether you want a full fledged online payment system, need configuration with PayPal, Shopify or Big Cartel, we can extend your current brand to your customer’s online shopping experience. Explore some of our recent e-commerce projects.

PSD, Wireframe & Design Conversion

Do you have a great design that you want to make a reality? We can convert your design to a fully functional, custom-crafted website, replicated and sliced to the pixel. We’ll take your design and put it in your hands with our Content Management System, enhanced with those beautiful animations and interactive features that are a hallmark of every great site.

For the techies out there, we always deliver validated HTML and CSS, with dynamic jQuery and AJAX functionality. Browse some of our past projects converting designs.

Blogs and Custom Plugin Development

From WordPress to Drupal, Movable Type to iON, we can handle the platform you’d like modified or installed, with aplomb. We are especially proud of our commitment to the WordPress community and our growing plugin development shop.

Site Maintenance

Need a sporadic update to your site but can’t afford an in-house webmaster? We can provide on-demand site updates and additions expertly and efficiently.

Graphic & Web Design

Logo and Visual Identity

We use a research-based design process to overhaul your visual identity and rebrand your organization. In addition to a new logo, we provide brand guidelines to govern collateral materials, including color palette, typography and layout to ensure consistency and quality. Check out our featured logo and visual identity work.

Web Design & Information Architecture

Our approach to web design extends our logo and branding guideline development. We work with you to optimize your “information architecture”, organizing and prioritizing your content in an intuitive and accessible manner. We begin by analyzing your existing layout and content hierarchy and develop solutions and improvements. We design clean, consistent, and accessible sites aimed at your desired demographic and user base.

Graphic & Multimedia Design

We offer expert design, illustration, and layout services for print and online materials. Whether you need a business card, brochure, or dust-jacket, we craft clean and beautiful layouts with innovative use of color and typography.

We also provide photo retouching, audio production, video post-production, and podcasting integration.

Branding, Visual Identity & Development

Brand Identity

A comprehensive approach to your visual outreach. Style guides will bring together your logomark or logotype, typography pairings, and color palette into a unified set of rules and applications, to be applied to your web or print content. We will recast your organizational identity to make an immediate impression on your audience.

Brand Strategy

We work with your team to identify your organizational vision, mission, and values and then align these goals with the needs and expectations of your primary audience. When we’re finished, we will have identified your value proposition as well as brand attributes that communicate the key characteristics and personality traits of your brand.

Key Messaging

Messaging provides the words that help target audiences understand your brand’s value proposition through the simple articulation of big ideas. We will work with your team to develop the key messages that articulate the brand’s promise for both your organization and your core services, programs, or offerings.

Brand Guidelines

We develop complete identity guidelines which govern the execution of your brand across digital and print touchpoints. By defining logo use, accent colors, layout principles, photo style, and graphic elements, your brand guidelines provide the rules and rationale for the production of new materials throughout the life of your brand.

User Interface and User Experience Development (UI/UX)

Online isn’t just about code and graphics

When a visitor comes to your site, do they intuitively understand where to go next? How do you prioritize your website’s message through someone’s experience, emotional reaction, or general feeling as they engage with your site? What are the potential user flows that a visitor might take? Social Ink helps guide you through these concepts of User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) flows, emphasizing multifaceted experiences through holistic, comfortable and consistent approaches to design and interaction.

Everybody on the web thinks a bit differently

Sometimes your board likes one kind of web design — and you like a different one. Your audience may have a third preference. We help you consider a user-centric model based on your target audiences, creating a harmony based on existing and emerging visual language and interactive techniques. Technological advances create new opportunities and challenges for how we interact with the web; to this end we have usability testers who rigorously test different browsers, devices and operating systems to normalize differences and ensure backward compatibility.

Organizational Growth & Business Development

Contributions and Donations

Let us help you develop your business savvy. We create search-engine-ready sites and help you bring in money through donations or contributions. Got Stripe, or PayPal? We’ll help you use their word-class interfaces. Don’t have a merchant provider yet? No worries! We’ll help you build everything from the ground up.

Customer and Client Management

We can help make sense of your customers through your pre-existing CRM, such as Salsa, Convio or CiviCRM, or we can build a custom membership ready site designed to fit your unique needs.

Social Media & Interactive Email

Leverage the power of word of mouth and trusted recommendations on twitter and facebook, or send branded, stylized emails to hundreds or thousands of your members with a single click–without the worry of spam or a heavy burden on your server’s bandwidth.

We offer several social media options to weave into your content with facebook and twitter outreach campaigns and custom HTML email newsletter templates and platforms which deliver worry-free email marketing and outreach.

Startup Kits

Get off the ground quickly

From wake-you-up-in-the-night concept to launch, we work with you to develop a comprehensive, intuitive, and sustainable presence, online and however else you like it.

Small Business Startup Bundle

Visual Identity & Branding:
Logo design, visual identity guidelines (type, color), branding consulting.

Web Design:
Web interface design, providing 4-5 templates for different content viewpoints.

Web Development:

  • CMS powered website
  • EMail newsletter
  • Social networking integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nonprofit Refresher Bundle

Visual Identity
Logo design and visual identity guidelines (type, color), sub-branding of programs or initiatives, peripheral print design.

Web Design:
Web interface design, providing 4-5 templates for different content viewpoints.

Web Development:

  • CMS powered website
  • EMail newsletter
  • Social networking integration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Self-hosted donations (accept credit cards through your website)

The Creative Type (Portfolio)

Visual Identity & Branding:
Logo design, visual identity guidelines (type, color), branding consulting.

Web Design:
Web interface design, providing 3-4 templates for different content viewpoints.

Web Development:

  • Dynamic slideshows
  • Embedded video and other multimedia
  • Easy-update resumé

Startup Starter

Visual Identity & Branding:
Logo design, visual identity guidelines (type, color), branding consulting.

Web Design:
Innovative web interface design and planning

Web Development:

  • CMS powered administrative area
  • Data and reporting
  • Scalability
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

E-Commerce Activator

Visual Identity & Branding:
Logo design, visual identity guidelines (type, color), peripheral print design.

Web Design:
Web interface design, providing 3-4 templates for different content viewpoints.

Web Development:

  • Self-hosted, online payments via credit card
  • Inventory control
  • Slideshows and full bleed images
  • Product options
  • Payment gateway options
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Ink has been in NYC since 2007!