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The Review of Law and Social Change was “created to provide an outlet for student scholarship and analysis in areas of the law of particular interest to socially concerned attorneys.”

The New York University Review of Law and Social Change was established by radical students and professors in the 1960s to use legal scholarship to address the injustices of the time. Social Change continues that mission today, through the publication of its journal and The Harbinger, its online-only publication.

RLSC reached out to Social Ink to make their various papers easier to find and read on the web. To accommodate the academic nature of these legal pieces, we created a custom CMS that featured dynamic footnotes and advanced filtering options to allow readers to search specific volumes for published articles. Other helpful features include in-page menus for long-form articles, PDF downloads of each published article, and a related content chooser for site administrators. Like all our sites, it is mobile responsive.

This new site represents our work with Social Ink’s design and development for academic organizations. We’re happy to have partnered with RLSC and continue our work on websites for nonprofits!

Review of Law and Social Change: RLSC Homepage

RLSC Homepage

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