Grey Art Gallery–New York University

Site redesign and development for the Grey Art Gallery of NYU, featuring exhibitions, collections, and artists

Project Brief

As a university art museum, the Grey Art Gallery functions to collect, preserve, study, document, interpret, and exhibit the evidence of human culture. 

Social Ink is very pleased to have worked with the Grey Art Gallery in the creation of their new home on the web. The new site was designed and developed in a custom, robust CMS that showcases the gallery’s emphasis on art’s historical, cultural, and social contexts.

The site’s key features include a detailed archive of past exhibits and their images, a customized backend experience for no-code site administration and growth, and mobile and responsive design. The project included the content migration of over twenty-five years of exhibitions, gallery events, and publications from the Grey’s older static HTML site to the new site, which is built in the user friendly WordPress CMS.

With the Grey Gallery’s new site, we’re happy to continue our work on websites for museums!

Social Ink has been in NYC since 2007!