Design and development for the Center for Dialysis Innovation, a research initiative of the University of Washington Kidney Research Institute (KRI)

At a Glance

  • Core branding and logo
  • Research Hub and Filtering for publications, reports, and other resources and research
  • Investigator directory with full profiles and metadata fields
  • Story-based narrative approach for patients and families

About the Work

The mission of the Center for Dialysis Innovation is to improve the health and well-being of people with advanced kidney disease initiating and receiving dialysis treatment. The vision for the Center for Dialysis Innovation is that future dialysis therapy will be complication free, and completely restorative of kidney health.

Our work with the Center for Dialysis Innovation is a continuation of our partnership with research institutes and universities. Working with key researchers and university administrators, Social Ink built CDI’s new site from the ground up.

The new web platform features filtering for the center’s publications, reports, and clinical trial studies and a multimedia portal for patient’s compelling stories. The site is responsive and mobile across several browsers, screens, tablets, and phones.

We’re thrilled to have completed this project with CDI and look forward to more work on websites for researchers and universities.

Center for Dialysis Innovation: CDI Patient Stories Feature

CDI Patient Stories Feature

Center for Dialysis Innovation: Research Publications Filter

Research Publications Filter

Center for Dialysis Innovation: Featured Investigators and Research Areas Portal

Featured Investigators and Research Areas Portal

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