At a Glance

  • Information Architecture (IA) Consulting
  • Advanced Templates interlinking Conferences, Speakers, and Presentations
  • Member Directory and Resource Hub
  • Wild Orchid Member Integration
  • Advanced Search
  • Automated Content Feeds

About the Work

The American Conference for Irish Studies is a multidisciplinary scholarly organization with approximately 800 members in the United States, Ireland, Canada, and other countries around the world. 

Working together with ACIS managing leadership, we entirely redesigned and rebuilt their content-rich website. With special attention given toward organization members, we tied together conference archives, presenters, presentation, and a host of other resources. Using advanced search and filtering modules and search results based on originating search, we were able to collate resources and display various results according to their preferred use case.

This work as made possible through a deep dive into the ACIS information architecture, in order to sift, sort, and categorize different content types, taxonomies, and metadata.

In addition to automated content feeds and flexible blocks for modular page creation, we worked with the Wild Orchid CRM in order to integrate membership sync between databases.

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): ACIS: Homepage

ACIS: Homepage

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): ACIS: Advanced Member Search

ACIS: Advanced Member Search

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): ACIS: Advanced Conference Search

ACIS: Advanced Conference Search

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): ACIS: Conference with Presenters

ACIS: Conference with Presenters

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS): ACIS: Single Member Profile

ACIS: Single Member Profile

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