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The Qwiz

From our Portfolio
The Qwiz Home Page

Social Ink designed and developed The Qwiz, a fun and addictive trivia game and web discovery platform. Painless 30-second registration (or Gmail or Facebook sign in) leads users into a rich world of trivia across many categories. After you’ve answered your question, related videos or summaries and linked content appear. Try to crack the all-time top ten and move your¬†custom drawn avatars up the leaderboard!

This full fledged example of our web app development offerings also runs on a CMS for easy non-tech administration by the “Qwizmaster”.

The Mobile Marketing Revolution

From our Portfolio

For the book launch of Jed Alpert’s newest work, “The Mobile Marketing Revolution,” Social Ink created and launched a site integrating e-commerce and book events.¬† We used a content management system for Jed to be able to easily update his site, and connected with social media and other book sellers for a full web complement to traditional publishing.


From our Portfolio

Interface and Layout design and XTML development for CITI ROLLER/CITI STROLLER, Boston-based accessibility sites for wheelchair and stroller navigation.

Complements and promotes the apps available in the iTunes App Store.

Parking Mobility App Download

From our Portfolio
Parking Mobility Slideshow

We designed and programmed three app download pages (for Android, Blackberry and iPhone) for the up and coming social networking site Parking Mobility, an organization concerned with guaranteeing parking sites for people with disabilities.

Working with their current theme, we implemented slideshows and server-browser interaction (AJAX) to give PM the functionality they needed to help users submit photos and addresses, and interact fully with the site.

Big Girls Small Kitchen

From our Portfolio
Big Girls Small Kitchen

CMS development for the relaunch of local food blog Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Project included advanced recipe and menu index, cross-referencing content across several tags and taxonomies, blogger migration, recent post slideshows and modules, and archive module development. Design by Paperwhite Studio.


From our Portfolio
PandoProjects by Social Ink

Website creation and maintenance of PandoProjects, a startup that helps individual community leaders with the tools for effective activism and change.

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