Holiday gifts! A quick guide to Social Ink’s Shop

We know you visit Social Ink for our portfolio of work, resources and tools, and to learn a bit about our expertise with design for nonprofits, foundations and businesses. And maybe for our rugged good looks, who knows?

A few months ago, we launched our sister site, the Social Ink Shop, where we sell some great WordPress plugins and provide custom WordPress support. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, why not treat a friend, colleague—or even yourself—to a small gift that will push your site to the next level.

Let’s click over and visit some of our more important purchases.

  1. First up, we have our Simple Authorize Payments WordPress Plugin. This top-rated plugin is our most succesful product, offering a five minute, highly-customized solution for integrating a contribution or donation system to your WordPress site. From beer money to large scale foundation or nonprofit donate pages, this plugin is a perfect resource for accepting payments on site. Why choose over, say, PayPal?  While the latter is famously easy to use,  it keeps a percentage of your fee, AND manages all the money from within the PayPal interface. As customers are navigated away from your site, you lose your custom branding as well a bit of the professionalism you’ve worked so hard to develop. With Authorize (like other credit card gateways) everything comes to your bank account and you become like any regular merchant. It’s well worth the investment, and our plugin makes it super simple, with shortcode to immediately integrate a custom form into your “donate” section. Give it a shot!
  2. Next, we have our excellent and time-tested yCyclista Gallery/Slideshow WordPress Plugin. It’s a weird name for sure, but we have yet to find an easier way to integrate a dynamic slideshow into your WordPress page with so little work. Just attach some images to your gallery, enter a quick shortcode, and you’ll have a beautiful jQuery slideshow to invigorate your site. We have lots of style and transition options built in, and it’s infinitely customizable with just a little extra support from us. Available in a free version (with fewer options) and a no-limits Premium version, this bit of software is one of our first WordPress plugins and we’re especially proud of it!
  3. Take a look at our free WordPress plugins which provide solutions for some WordPress quirks:  Our AJAX-enabled WordPress contributors plugin, yContributors, helps sites with multiple authors or contributors track, archive, and profile their work. Or maybe you’d like yPhplista, if you use the open-source PHPList mailing list software and want to easily integrate it into your WordPress site.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! We’re in the process of rolling out a custom WordPress theme tailored to an industry we feel really needs it, AND we’re developing a beautiful new search plugin to help you manage WordPress’s 3.2 shiny new taxonomy features. We think this plugin will elevate this one-time blogging platform to finally meet all of the full fledged Content Management Systems of the world.

As always, if you need any kind of website development or design—from logowork to visual identity, coding to custom WordPress plugins—please be in touch.

Thanks for visiting our site—

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