A New Site for the Global Institute for Advanced Study at NYU!

We’re happy to announce the launch of the new website for the Global Institute for Advanced Study at NYU! Check out the details of the project in our portfolio.

Led by Dr. Paul Boghossian, the Global Institute for Advanced Study at NYU is a research institute dedicated to enabling innovative and rigorous work on a wide variety of themes. It sponsors working research groups on academic and (typically) interdisciplinary topics that require cooperation on an international scale and a sustained multi-year focus. Social Ink worked closely with GIAS staff to create an informative, resourceful home on the web for the institute’s current research groups.

Our design and development of the institute’s new site is a continuation of Social Ink’s work on websites for nonprofits and university organizations. Congratulations to GIAS on their new web platform!

Social Ink has been in NYC since 2007!