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In this hot summer of 2012, it's important to remember all those who are in the various confines of the United States correctional system. The Correctional Association of New York, an organization advocating for prison justice since 1844, approached Social Ink about rejuvenating their site to reflect changing constituencies.

In 1846, the CA was granted authority by New York State Legislature to inspect prisons and to report its findings and recommendations to the public. The only private organization in New York with unrestricted access to prisons, the CA has remained steadfast in its commitment to inform the public debate on criminal justice for nearly 168 years. The CA utilizes its unique legislative mandate to expose abusive practices, educate the public and policymakers about what goes on behind prison walls, and advocate for systemic, lasting and progressive change.
With a large resource bank to import, various campaigns and coalitions to represent, the CANY needed a fresh look that also reflected the gravity of their work and the depths of their research. We're happy today to announce the new Correctional Association site and to continue Social Ink's proud tradition of doing good in the world with technology. For more on the project, click over to the portfolio item or visit their website directly.

The Correctional Association of New York works for prison reform and a more humane and equitable criminal justice system.

Social Ink designed a new visual identity and developed an information packed website with resources, and multipronged outreach initiatives. As we worked to refine the key content delivery mechanisms and targeted audiences, we developed and launched a specialized cross-referenced resource database, and multiple templates for coalitions, issue oriented actions, press and media, and more.

We are proud to support the Correctional Association’s work to reform the criminal justice system in New York and beyond, as we continue our work building websites for nonprofits.

Social Ink has been in NYC since 2007!