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We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Marketing Visualized, a marketing consultancy led by Michelle Greenwald. Social Ink worked with Michelle to refine and redesign her old site, adding new elements such as services overviews, events and announcements, embedded brochures and testimonials. You can learn more about Marketing Visualized on the new site or read more about our work with the project on our portfolio page.

No Tax Breaks NY / NJ Launch!

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No Tax Breaks Slideshow

Announcing the launch of twin sites for NY and NJ, No Tax Breaks.These  advocacy sites work to support of pending state legislation to eliminate subsidies and tax breaks to businesses outsourcing labor. For more, please see our portfolio entry, or check out No Tax Breaks NY or No Tax Breaks NJ

Social Ink is happy to announce our newest WordPress Plugin, Striped Members! Our plugin uses the awesome new Stripe payment gateway to create a full paywall/paid subscription website on your WordPress install! A turnkey solution offering different levels of content control, you can now push your website to the next level. We developed our plugin to integrate easily with the WordPress user management system, rather than rebuilding it. Our approach allows you to work with existing membership management plugins, or other plugins that rely on the WordPress user community (such as mailing list software). With our awesome interface and minimal styling, you can be accepting payments and new members in just five minutes. Roll over to our Social Ink Shop to read more and see screenshots on Striped Members and let us know what you think.

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