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Design and Layout for reports and postcards for HRW Chicago’s “Council Watch”, an update of what’s happening around Human Rights issues in the Chicago area.

Louis Hornick

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Content migration and CMS installation for New York City textile manufacturer specializing in Curtains and Drapes.

We’ve added captions to our popular yCyclista jQuery gallery plugin. Please visit the original page for more information or download at the WordPress plugin center.…

We're happy to announce our second plugin, yPHPLista. yPHPlista integrates PHPlist, the famous open-source, free and powerful mailing list software, with wordpress smoothly and now with AJAX! Other plugins haven't been updated in a while, or they don't work with the latest versions of phplist. importantly, this plugin does all of that but allows you to keep your user on the same page, not send them to an ugly "thank you for subscribing" page.

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