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Here at Social Ink we pride ourselves on WordPress expertise and one of our favorite features of Wordpress 3 is the "Multisite" feature, which weaves together WPMU's multi-blog features with WordPress' better plugin management, theme management and the like. We'll be running a feature on ways to use this new Multisite feature, and today we present our first: How to list sites, or how to get a dynamic list of links (with relative path) of all your various sites (similar to wp_list_categories, or as a replacement for the deprecated get_blog_list). Think of it as a kind of wp_list_sites.

Congratulations to Marc Crook, the Crook family, and the App development team behind Wing Chun Masters. We developed and designed the website presence for the App. The website also features history about the martial art of Wing Chun, a slideshow featuring the making of the app, including photographs documenting the motion capture process, and the video trailer for the app. You can buy the app in the appstore today!

We've been busy the last month helping out with the World Science Festival website, helping the production team manage their drupal powered website as they prepare for their big week of events. We've ironed out a few bugs (sizzle), integrated a slideshow in the header announcing important news and events, reskinned their sidebar twitter feed, helped with htaccess redirects, created unique events pages, and integrated a live webcast and replay archive of events via the livestream service. These live events countdown to their start date and can be viewed live on the site, along with a liveblog and twitter feed. We'll see you around at a few of the World Science Festival Events this week!

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