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Crafting Hope launches

From our Ink'd Blog

Announcing the launch of Crafting Hope The Movie, where you can watch the trailer for Erisa production's upcoming documentary film. Social Ink is proud to have worked with the movie's production team to design and develop the site, and we wish them the best of luck in their upcoming release. (View our portfolio entry.)

Crafting Hope the Movie

From our Portfolio
Crafting Hope Homepage

Crafting Hope is a documentary film about textile and paper craftswomen around the world. It follows the inspiring story of several women who are finding empowerment and economic stability through their work with paper and textiles.

Social Ink was responsible for the design and development of the promotional website, including typography and layout. We implemented the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and a mailing list subscription system.

Cobblestone Foods

From our Portfolio
Cobblestone Foods Product

Cobblestone Foods, a local gourmet foods boutique and catering company in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, needed to revamp their website.

We took their existing design and made it more consistent across the board, assisted in reconfiguring the information architecture and added photo slideshows and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Cobblestone is a proud addition to our work with websites for restaurants and food-related establishments.

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