We're your web people.

For over almost fifteen years, we’ve worked alongside civic institutions, nonprofits and foundations, community organizations and educational initiatives, and select small businesses.

From social justice to the environment to livable streets and community organizing, including healthcare and mental health sector, food and agriculture, housing and human services, and science, technology and medicine, we believe in working hard to make the world a better place.

Nonprofits and NGOs

Cornerstones of a just civil society, we help activist nonprofits like City Harvest feed hungry New Yorkers in need, and build robust, data-rich sites for NGOs like the United Nations to help its 200,000+ members smoothly navigate their local currencies and get answers about their pensions.

Cities, Parks & Civic Spaces

We have a long history of work focusing on cities and the built environment, working with architects, designers, planners, and other stewards of the cityscape. From virtual green spaces for city parks like Fort Tryon Park and Freshkills Park, to coalitions such as NACTO and the Global Designing Cities Initiative, to architectural and design practices like ASAP, we’re working to build better spaces and places, online and off.

Social Justice & Big Data

Organizing & People Power

We believe in the people power of unions like the Health Professionals and Allied Employees bringing tri-state nurses together, the National Young Farmers Coalition, and the American Federation of Musicians, the world’s largest union of musicians. These sites help members negotiate the labor world and ensure a fair living and fair care. Work with journalism projects such as Waging Nonviolence and political organizing platforms such as Working Families rounds out our work bringing power to the people.

Artists & the Performing Arts

Education and Institutions

Healthcare, Community Outreach, Science and Technology

Bridging the gap between philanthropy-powered research, university labs, mental health outreach, and community service.

From concept to launch--and beyond!

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We’re local, always reachable and “in the room” with you.

If you’re like us, you’re full of ideas about the kind of web you want – we’re here to translate those fuzzy concepts into a beautiful, high performance website.  From our rigorous Discovery process, which nails down your – and your user’s – needs through to launch and beyond, we’re with you as long as you need.

We know about nonprofit boards and ambitions, small teams wearing many hats, and the passionate individuals who propel everyone forward, and we’ll give you the very best site – and stay with you long after launch as the site grows, adapts and gains new users.

Discovery & Content Help
Hosting & Launch
Reporting, Growth & Support

Over a decade helping organizations sprout, grow, flourish, and reinvent.

Since 2007, we have collaborated with leading technology stakeholders, from the W3 to open-source plugin developers to academic and digital archiving projects.

The people who power Social Ink aren’t just computer people – we have deep ties to exploring the social meaning of technology. Our lead developer is an anthropologist and our lead designer has multi-disciplinary experience with multimedia and education.

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