UPDATE: Happy to announce yPHPLista 1.2 1.1.1 has been released! The newest version adds the following fun stuff:

  • Widget – drag and drop yPHPLista into any widgetized area!
  • Multiple lists – use comma separated values either in your default backend or in the individual posts to add users to multiple lists!
  • Backend PHP function
  • Thorough bug testing ;-)

We’re on a roll! We’re happy to announce our second plugin, yPHPLista. download the latest plugin from the wordpress plugin exchange, and vote if you like it! Download it from here and if you want to see it in action, navigate to our footer and signup for our mailing list :-)

yPHPlista integrates PHPlist, the famous open-source, free and powerful mailing list software, with wordpress smoothly and now with AJAX! Other plugins haven’t been updated in a while, or they don’t work with the latest versions of phplist. importantly, this plugin does all of that but allows you to keep your user on the same page, not send them to an ugly “thank you for subscribing” page.

Please note that yPHPlista DOES NOT handle any part of mailing list, or modify phplist. it simply acts as a conduit between wordpress and an already-functioning phplist install.

How it looks:

Go here, kid!

Usage instructions

1. Upload `yphplista` directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
2. Activate the yPHPlista plugin through the ‘Plugins’ page in WordPress
3. Set it up with your PHPlist settings.
4. Add a new page or post to your wordpress and type in the [yphplista] shortcode wherever you want the signup box to appear.
5. You can now also add yPHPLista as a widget if your theme is widgetized through your backend.
6. NEW: if you’re keen on editing your theme, use the function <? yphplista() ?> alone (for use with default backend options) or <? yphplista(template id,list name,string with comma delimited list numbers) ?> (eg <? echo yphplista(1,’hello’,’4,5′) ?>)
7. That’s all – yPHPlista will take care of the rest.

Screenshot of the options page:

Settings page for yPHPlista


Can I choose different names, ids, subscribe pages?

You can always enter the defaults in the backend (including multiple comma-separated lists), but now you can also overwrite it for each individual post: To use an alternate subscribe “page” use the shortcode with temple_id, like [yphplista template_id=3]. To use an alternate list use the shortcode with listname AND listnum, like [yphplista listname=”secondlist” listnum=”3″]. To use multiple lists, there’s no need to enter in the names, just use [yphplista listnum=”2,3″]

What about validation/authorization/spam prevention

At the current time yPHPLista does not validate email addresses, nor does it employ any spam prevention techniques like reCAPTCHA, etc. If you need this functionality, be in touch for personalized support. note: PHPList has some built in validation (eg it won’t accept .ocm domains for example) but again that’s not part of the plugin.

It’s not working!

Wow, that’s broad. Have you correctly set up PHPList, created a list, and a subscribe page? All of these things are NOT under the purview of this plugin; basically make sure everything’s running well on that side before you attempt to use this.

I have PHPList setup but it’s still not working!

Have you created a subscribe page, and entered the correct settings in the plugin settings page? Remember, each subscribe page has an “id” (the default is 1) and we need to make sure they’re created in order to use this plugin.

Also note two major caveats: WP doesn’t allow you to use AJAX cross-server; that is, you can’t have your wp install at “http://mywp.com” and your newsletter at “http://mynews.com/newsletter” and expect it to work flawlessly. this is for security reasons. also note that if there are two instances of phplist on the same page, one MIGHT fail (not sure), so make sure to triple test multiple loops or queries. this is because phplist requires certain naming conventions for its form elements that sometimes won’t interact perfectly with jquery…

But seriously, it isn’t working, even if i get a green successful box…

That green box (success) and red box (failure) can report false results. Try disabling javascript on your browser and navigating to your page, and subscribing. Does it take you to the “subscribe” page that you set up through phplist? if so, the problem is with the plugin and i’d love if you commented below. if it doesnt work, then you entered your settings incorrectly or have set up phplist incorrectly.

Can I change how things look?

Certainly. CSS is your best friend. everything is id’d and class’d

How do I make it go to eleven?

Please donate and contact me – I can customize this for your specific site in any way you want!


multiple lists (checkbox). other things.

yPHPlista by Yonatan Reinberg has been tested on all the latest versions of FireFox, Chrome, and, why not, Internet Explorer. It also validates 100% as HTML5, etc. Note too, as with every plugin or theme modification, you should do a backup of your files beforehand. Although we’ve tested this across many installs, we are not responsible for anything it does to your system and do not guarantee support.

Download it here from social ink’s site(48k zip) or go to the wordpress plugin directory for yPHPlista. See it in action – AND – stay updated with all the latest plugin news by signing up for our email newsletter (below in the footer). We always use the software we develop.

Go ahead and install, and leave your comments and questions below! If you’re so inclined, please buy me a beer to cover the hours making this plugin by using that big ol’ donate button on the upper right!

65 Responses to yPHPLista: an AJAX wordpress plugin for PHPList integration

  1. Chris says:

    If you can please help me with this script I would be happy to buy a few beers as well as get your script into every other church in this area. I know my settings are correct on the PHPList side, and configured correctly in setting in WP. I have added the widget and I had to disable java in IE9 for it to work there, and in Firefox it says it’s signed people up with green box, but it doesn’t. No confirmation email is ever sent.

    Problem is I need this to work WITHOUT people having to disable java because they will have no clue how to do that.


  2. Doc says:

    “Sorry, we couldn’t add your address. Please try again or contact the system administrator….” appears, if you try to share an page on Facebook…if using the plugin.

  3. Puh says:

    UPDATE: The Email was added to the list and a Confirmation was send BUT the Widget shows the following Errormessage:

    Sorry, we couldn’t add your address. Please try again or contact the system administrator, xxxxxxx@gmail.com! Please check your email to confirm your signup.

    Don’t know why the Error was shown while the yubscription is succesfull ???

  4. Puh says:


  5. Puh says:

    The Plugin DONT WORK – I only get these error-message if I try to subscribe from sidebar-widget:

    Sorry, we couldn’t add your address. Please try again or contact the system administrator, profiart@gmail.com! Please check your email to confirm your signup.

    And I don’t like the “yPHPLista” in the sidebar-widget – I would spend money for a working script, but not for your Ad on my website.

  6. alan says:

    Tried your debug and it take me to my subscribe page, so some issue with the widget?

  7. Jason says:

    Hi… love the idea of the plugin, but it just doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    I’m getting the green success box, but it does not register the user. When I disable Javascript, I get taken to the subscribe page, but I have to enter my email address when I get there — and then sign up proceeds.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and then re-installing the plugin and I’ve tried using the supplied widget and using the shortcode in a text widget. Same problem.

    There’s a beer or two in it for you, if you can help figure this out.


  8. Simon says:

    Alright… third and final post:

    That green box (success) and red box (failure) can report false results. Try disabling javascript on your browser and navigating to your page, and subscribing. Does it take you to the “subscribe” page that you set up through phplist? if so, the problem is with the plugin and i’d love if you commented below. if it doesnt work, then you entered your settings incorrectly or have set up phplist incorrectly.

    This is exactly what’s happening to me. If I disable Javascript, it goes right to the “thank you for subscribing” page. If I do not, it goes ahead and subscribes, but still displays the error.

    Any ideas?

  9. Simon says:

    Okay… I disabled the “Confirm email” field, but the error still comes up when I’ve got Javascript turned on. However, it does subscribe the user.

  10. Simon says:

    It appears that yPHPlista isn’t filling out both email fields (“Email address” and “Confirm your email address”), which keeps it from functioning.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  11. Any near term plans to implement multiple list checkboxes? This is something that I really need.

  12. Gabster says:

    Everything worked perfectly fine – thanks a TON!

    I would like to add a “First Name” field. Any tips? I have basic php knowledge.


  13. RR Admin says:


    Great Plugin, Thanks for making it available for us. The Beer Donation is on the way!

    Have a issue that has appeared above for other users, With JavaScript Enabled I am unable to Signup but with JavaScript Disabled the Signup works, it drops you at the PHPList confirmation page.

    New Install with only your Plugin.

    Any further suggestions?


    RR Admin

  14. Victor W. says:

    Some of my members and visitors have asked if I had a newsletter to receive the daily Meditations through email. I’ve never done a newsletter before, was looking at this. I sure wish I knew a little more to help please the members I have.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Thanks, i installed this and works first shot. But how to users edit their subscriptions once they have subscribed?

  16. yoni says:

    sorry it says 1.2, it should be 1.1.1. regarding extra fields, that’s a custom job and you can get in touch with us

  17. josh says:

    more digging – i had some extra required fields during the signup which was preventing this from working correctly. i only discovered this problem by installing phplist (wp plugin) and turning on ‘echo $result’ on a couple lines. after i figured that out, i went back to this plugin and after turning off those extra fields as ‘required’, this one is now working perfectly.

    hope that helps anyone else :)

  18. josh says:

    ok, nevermind. it is adding users, but isn’t adding them to any list, nor adding them as ‘confirmed’ (and no emails…)

  19. josh says:

    doesn’t look like you linked the update (1.2) anywhere. 1.1 is the latest i see.

    also, i haven’t had any luck getting this to add a user to any list. tried and double checked all of the above suggestions for non-working comments, but no luck yet. still digging…

  20. yoni says:

    hey all, check out the page above – i’ve uploaded a new version of phplist with improved java, widgets, multiple list support, etc.

    if you find this plugin useful, please remember, a small donation through our “buy me a beer” is always appreciated.. i spend many, many personal hours working on this and supporting it and its nice to know the internet cares :-)

  21. Avery says:

    You can embed into your template with a php blurb…

    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘[yphplista template_id=2]‘);
    echo $content;

    (left out the leading >? and trailing ?< because I don’t know how it will display.

    The only side effect to this in my case is that there are two other blurbs that hook in the same way – post popularity plugin and sharethis. It would be nice if there was a hook for yphplista to be put anywhere in a theme. I would think that would also simplify making it into a widget for those that don’t want to muck about the innerworkings of the theme files.

  22. uptodate says:

    Please help me how to add this code in widget. i want to show the form in widget

  23. aaron says:

    Multiple lists will immediately make this the best plug-in out there. so count this as a vote for same.

  24. Curtis says:

    Hello and thanks for this plug-in! is there a way of using this with phpHosted??

  25. Webbeldez says:

    Thanks for your reply Yoni

    I’ll look forward to the java script portion of the plugin being updated. Apologies – I didn’t see you first reply.

    Best regards


  26. Webbeldez says:

    ** UPDATE **

    Followed Steve’s advice from above – that information should be in the instructions for the plugin !

    Now the plugin will subscribe when javascript is disabled, but not when it’s enabled.

    Any ideas would again be appriciated.

    Big thanks


  27. yoni says:

    webbeldez – please see step 5 of instructions above regarding ID.

    it won’t necessarily show individual problems but if it fails it just fails right now. dblcheck your subscribe page settings:

    “Don’t offer choice, default to HTML ” should be checked
    “Don’t display email confirmation” should be checked

    i’m trying to find time to update it soon but other projects have kept me busy.

  28. Webbeldez says:

    Hi folks,

    Thanks for your hard work in producing this – but we can’t get it to work.

    We have installed this plugin in our site – but it won’t subscribe to any list.

    Our installation of PHPlist is working fine as readers can subscribe through the subscribe page.

    If you turn javascript off, the plugin takes you to the subscribe page, as the instructions say it should do – but it won’t sign anyone up?

    Our subscribe page has the id of 5, but the plugin take readers to a subscribe page of 1

    It also doesn’t seem to populate the email confirm field.

    Any ideas would be very much appriciated :)


  29. Ryan says:

    Hey, love the widget, just I’m having the same problems as some people above. People are being signed up to “Unnamed List” It works if I turn off javascript – I found where to change the list number in your code, as my list is number 6 in my Phplist install. But with Javascript on it doesn’t work. I’m assuming it’s the same deal as that, where it can’t find the right list. Perhaps PhpList truncates the list name in the database? I don’t know…. Is it possible to just use the list number instead of the list name in your code somehow?


  30. Derek says:

    I want to have this as a sidebar widget, but i don’t like editing my templates. You loose your edits when you update or change your theme.

    I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like you can use PHP Code Widget and then inside the widget put:

  31. Severe says:

    I upgraded my version to 2.10.12 and that didn’t fix anything either…

  32. Severe says:

    Which version of PHPList was this plugin intended for? I have set it up but I can’t get it to subscribe someone to a list.

  33. Tier2Brokers says:

    I love this plugin so far! Is there a way to add this to a widget in the sidebar? I guess maybe I should just put a link to a page in the side bar with a signup button or something and then that link would go to the page I have configured with the short code?

  34. yoni says:

    hi cameron and chris
    don’t know why FF doesnt work, could be a jquery conflict. if you would like personalized support for your site, please be in touch via email. thanks!

  35. Cameron says:


    The plugin works great on Google Chrome, but it doesn’t work on Firefox. We have it installed in the sidebar at our site at http://www.foundsoundnation.org.

    When we turn off Javascript in firefox, it subscribes perfectly.

    ): any idea what’s wrong?


  36. Chris says:

    Hey Thanks for the great plugin! worked perfectly.

  37. yoni says:

    Additional fields: mike, not right now

    PO file: sure marc, i’ll do it in next release!

  38. Mike Schumann says:

    With this plugin, is there any way for the user to add additional fields (Name, etc.) at signup besides the e-mail address? Does the plug-in support multiple lists?

  39. Marc says:

    Hi Yonatan,

    Thank for the nice plugin. The only thing is, I translated yphplista.php to Dutch and now it keeps saying that an update is available. Is it possible to add a .po file?



  40. Chrissy:) says:

    Hey! Thank you Jaume! I appreciate the info..worked like a charm :)

  41. Jaume says:

    Hi Chrissy, you need to follow Steve’s comment above.

    That is disabled the following options.
    “Don’t offer choice, default to text/HTML”.
    “Don’t display email confirmation”

  42. Chrissy:) says:

    Hi! I installed your plugin, it looks beautiful on the site, I type in the email, click subscribe and I get the green box, but it doesn’t add the new user to my list. When javascript is disabled, and I click the submit button, it brings me to an error page on phplist that says:

    Subscribe to our newsletter using the form below.
    required field
    The following required values are missing: Email Addresses you entered do not match

    and it will have the email I typed in from your plugin, and if I type it in again and click the subscribe button then it signs up no problem.
    Soooo….any ideas?
    Thank you thank you!

  43. Alex says:

    I’m having the same problem as amanda.

  44. Sorry I was wrong, it doesn’t actually work completely, it only works when javascript is disabled. It doesn’t matter if I turn on or off plug-ins, only that javascript is disabled.

    Any suggestions?

  45. Jaume says:

    Hi Yoni,

    I’m almost there, as I can subscribe an address when I switch off the scripts.
    With javascript enabled, the confirmation message is shown but the user is not added to the actual list.

    The one thing that I’m wondering about is that the blog and list are hosted at the very same server but different subfolders.

    e.g: http://domain.com/blog and http://domain.com/phplist

    Should this affect your scripts in any way?
    Is there something else that I should be looking at?
    I take that all the config is fine as I can successfully register an address when I disable scripting at a browser level (noscript addon on Firefox)

    ps: I’m also experiencing the issue of the button showing “submitting…” even after the confirmation message is shown.



  46. I don’t know what happened, but after I renamed the list directory to something different, then renamed it back and disabled all my other plug-ins it started to work completely. Thanks, for the help, it is a beautiful plug-in.

    Now it is taking me to the you’re signed up page with the js disabled, before it was only taking me to the sign up page.

  47. yoni says:

    did you try disabling javascript and seeing the results page it takes you to? this may help you debug. you may not be setting up the right list as default, or it may not be associated with the correct list. remember the plugin isn’t doing anything specific to phplist, its only doing a “background” (AJAX) subscription…

  48. Guille says:

    This plugin works great, users are added to my phplist but just like Amanda said above, they are added to “unnamed list” I have also made sure, double checked, and triple checked, I can’t make the users to be added to the right list (I only have one).
    Thanks for the plugin, and if you could point me in the right direction that would be great, otherwise I can add users to the right list manually.

    Thanks again!

  49. Amanda says:

    Hey I finally got your beautiful plugin to send emails to subscribers, but for now it signs users up to *unnamed list. They are added to my user directory but not to my specific list. I can sign up to the list via my phplist subscription page and I’ve made sure that the list name is correct on the plugin settings page. Any idea what’s wrong?

  50. Paul says:

    I installed the plugin straight from the plugins page, but when I try to click on the ‘set it up’ link I get a page with the message ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ Not sure if it’s relevant but my phplist installation is not in a sub-folder of the WordPress installation folder.

  51. yoni says:

    Dan, see step 5 above.

  52. Dan says:

    Hi there.. I can’t seem to get this to work… Any address I enter never gets added to the list.

    I’ve switched off javascript and I think this has given me a clue as to what the problem might be. With javascript off the plugin does indeed send me to a subscription page.. but it’s a subscription page with the id “1″.

    My *actual* subscription page (where I’ve disabled email confirmation and default to html) has the id “2″. Is there any way to get the plugin to point to anything other than the default “1″ id? … is this even the problem? Thanks!

  53. Miami Music says:

    I installed “ShiftThis Swift SMTP”

    Sent a test email and received this message in my inbox:
    “This is a test mail sent using the ShiftThis SMTP Plugin. If you’ve received this email it means your connection has been set up properly! Sweet!”

    Then I went back to the yphplista form and entered my email address, hit submit, and it still doesn’t appear in my inbox or spam box.

    Any other ideas, please?

  54. Miami Music says:

    Thank you for your response Yoni.

    I searched for wp-smtp and it listed a lot of results but none named “wp-smtp”.

    I installed the plugin “Contact Form 7″ to test my mail out and it worked immediately.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again.

  55. Hey there!
    Thanks for the time & effort, works great.
    I was suggesting the thing that MW pointed out already, would be very useful.
    Also i have a small problem after an email has been submitted through the form – once a user hits the “subscribe” button the button value changes from “submit” to “submitting…” and stays that way even until after the success message is displayed… Any tip how to solve this?

    Thanks in advance…

  56. yoni says:

    MW, Steve,
    thanks for your comments, i’m planning an update soon and will post that.

  57. yoni says:

    miami music,
    probably something with your wordpress install – can you send emails other ways through wordpress? you may have to install wp-smtp or a similar plugin to have it work…

  58. Miami Music says:

    I’m about to give up.

    I installed phpList 2.10.12 through Fantastico control panel and instead of the dir-name “list”, I gave it the name “opt-in”.

    I receive the green box, I disabled java, and it takes me to the subscribe page.

    I figured what Steve was talking about might had been the issue but I did what he said and it still doesn’t add the email address to my phplist.

    Please help, this is exactly what I need.

  59. MW says:

    Hey just a note – the form allows users to submit text (non email addresses) and even leave the email textbox blank. Might want to fix that somehow so it validates the user input is actually in email format? Thanks otherwise for the plugin!

  60. Steve says:

    It deserves to be mentioned that on your subscribe page, you will need to select one of the HTML email choice options “Don’t offer choice, default to text/HTML”. You will also need to select “Don’t display email confirmation”

    That way you will have one input box for the subscribers e-mail address and a button. If you have more options on your screen you will encounter issues.

  61. Simar says:

    Hi there! the plugin looks good :)

    Is there a way i could integrate it into the header / footer / main index file?

  62. machbio says:

    great plugin… attach some screenshots of it in the main website

  63. Mats says:

    Great plugin. but… I can’t really make the signup box to appear in widgets. Pages and posts are ok.

  64. drew says:

    I’m about to give this a serious whirl! Thank you.