Continuing our work with nonprofits in New York City working for sensible policy within the justice system  and social justice in general, we recently celebrated the launch of the Justice and Health Connect platform, a national resource for data sharing between professionals in the health and justice sectors.

As we describe in our portfolio entry, JH Connect ties together research and data in a dynamically searchable information bank, presenting resources for professionals and those working to reshape the system. In addition, a narrative based toolkit guides users through background information and connective strands, while complementary background and key fact modules round out the information-rich website.

We’re thrilled to be working the good folks over at Vera, and hope to participate in new web initiatives in the near future!

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Bridges to Community is a local, New York area non-profit doing amazing work in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. By organizing volunteer trips to specific sites in these countries, Bridges builds connections across an array of program areas to help improve housing, education, health, and economic development.

As part of our work building websites for nonprofits, Social Ink worked with Bridges to Community to overhaul their design and their content organization (what we call information architecture). With a rebuilt site, Bridges can now directly organize trips and supporting events and other activities, via on-site payments and intelligent workflows which bring users to ‘checkout’ endpoints based on their preferences and other information.

Read about the project on our portfolio entry, and check out the Bridges to Community website!

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May Andersen, a model and artist currently living in New York City, has launched a brand new portfolio website, happily implemented by our team here at Social Ink! The site showcases not only Andersen’s modeling work (did you miss her in the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition?), but also her photography and art, essays, and a blog.

This site posed a unique challenge–to splice in Andersen’s instagram photography into the content of the site itself. Through some custom code, we were able to provide yet another easy way for non-technical clients to update there site, no code required!

Read our full write up on the project on your portfolio page.

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Introducing the Breast Cancer Family Registry, a project of Columbia University’s breast cancer research department, funded by the National Institute of Health.

The site aims to provide a wealth of resources for study participants and researchers among a cohort of universities and institutions. Read more about our work on the project on our portfolio entry.

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We’ll let the story tell itself:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is prosecuting former Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for allegedly conspiring with, and aiding and abetting, Anonymous, in the alteration of a paragraph of a Los Angeles Times website article. The paragraph reads as follows:

Pressure builds in House to elect CHIPPY 1337.

House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer sees ‘very good things’ in deal cut which will see uber skid Chippy 1337 take his rightful place, as head of the Senate, reluctant House Democrats told to SUCK IT UP.


For this, Matthew Keys faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail and $750,000.00 in fines. On April 23, 2013, he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Do you know much about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? Learn more about it and the Matthew Keys case on the USA v Keys website, which we built for our neighbor Tor Ekeland PC, one of Keys legal counsel’s in the case.

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Summer is upon us in New York, and Social Ink is celebrating six great years as a business. To coincide with our anniversary, we’re delighted to unveil our brand new website!

In addition to being a responsive site – that works across various mobile devices, desktop resolutions and browsers – the new site better showcases our various work, services, process, and clients. (We even updated new profile pictures, gosh, how we’ve aged!)

We’ve added interesting client studies, which detail the evolution of different sites, and added two new plugins, our Advanced Stripe Payments Engine WordPress, a sophisticated, easily customizable payment system for websites, and Sinking Dropdowns Wordpress, a free plugin to convert WordPress menus to responsive dropdown menus.

Have a look around at the new site, and tell us what you think in the comments. Here’s to 6 years of Social Ink!

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We’re very pleased to announce our latest launch, Study Logic, a market-research firm catering to the food services industry. As part of a visual identity overhaul, Study Logic handed over flat designs to Social Ink which we workshopped and converted to a dynamic and extensible CMS platform. Read more about the project on our portfolio!

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We’re delighted to announce two new launches of the last month, the progressive and activist journalism site Waging Nonviolence, and the fresh, exciting classical music guild Concert Artists Guild.

Waging Nonviolence’s exciting mission:

Waging Nonviolence is a source for original news and analysis about struggles for justice and peace around the globe. Ordinary people build power using nonviolent strategies and tactics every day, even under the most difficult of circumstances, yet these stories often go unnoticed or misunderstood by a media industry fixated on violence and celebrity.

Concert Artist Guild’s mission is also one of helping the community:

Founded in 1951 with a mission to discover, nurture & promote young musicians, Concert Artists Guild helps artists launch sustainable careers. CAG provides support to a roster of talented artists during a critical and formative time: between completion of formal studies and the achievement of an established career.

Visit the portfolio pages of Waging Nonviolence or Concert Artists Guild today!

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Introducing a better way to play trivia — with a seamless interface that provides a great discovery tool for every answer. The Qwiz is a dynamic web app, designed and developed by Social Ink–designed in collaboration with The Qwizmaster himself! If you’ve got ten minutes, give it a shot. We bet you’ll stay for 20. Featuring easy sign up, amazing avatars, powerful rankings and stats, and more questions than you can shake a stick at. Read more on our portfolio or head on over to The Qwiz.

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Social Ink is very proud to announce the recent launch of the NGO CSW website, a new platform for the hard working and amazing folks working for international women’s rights. Social Ink worked extensively on the CSW events registration and donation integration, streamlining systems across an array of different event types and management actions. Read more about our work together on our portfolio entry, or check out the NGO CSW Committee on the Status of Women NY website.

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2013 has arrived! We’ve got our share of resolutions, working on more plugins to contribute to the WordPress community and redesigning our site behind the scenes. Of course, we’ll keep up our work with nonprofits, foundations, small businesses, and startups as we enter our sixth year in business here in Brooklyn.

What are your resolutions? Are you gearing up to redesign or redevelop your website? Need a CMS (Content Management System) so that you can edit and control your own content? Social Ink can help.

Our model is simple. We work closely with your organization over the course of a few months, building your new website in a system that will give you full control of your content, both copy and multimedia. When our work is done, the website is yours, and can be maintained in-house by non-technical staff.

We work with you to analyze your information architecture, interface design, search engine optimization and communications strategy and can help you reinvent your outreach with a new visual identity and web platform. We can help you accept in-site payments or implement ECommerce, set up dynamic multimedia and social network integration, setup events management, or advanced search and filtering system.

Give us a shout. We’d love to discuss what we can do for you.

Happy New Year!

Matt & Yoni

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Whitewall Magazine’s new website, a collaboration with Antebellum design studio! Social Ink worked to convert the Antebellum designs and revamp Whitewall’s web platform. For more info, click on over to our portfolio entry, or get your art & fashion fix on the whitewall mag website.

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