Based on the demand from one of our recent clients, the Funding Exchange, we decided to polish up and release a plugin we found lacking around the Internet: our Simple Authorize Payments WordPress plugin.  In just a few short minutes, our plugin offers a bolt-on solution to accept donations/contributions, including recurring billing, using, one of the most trusted and reliable names in online merchant solutions.

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With just a few clicks and entry of data from your account, you can accept donations of any size directly on your site through VISA/MasterCard/AMEX or eCheck, using your installed SSL certificate (not included) that allows your supporters/customers to securely support your organization on your own website.  Using the latest AJAX technology, we keep the users on the same page as the contribution form, allowing easy integration with your current theme and keep retain rate very high.

Use it for contributions (as the FEX site above does, here) or to accept membership dues, subscription fees, or anything else that requires money flow!

Please follow the link to our shop to buy Simple Authorize Payments WordPress!

21 Responses to Introducing Simple Authorize Payments WordPress Plugin to collect donations & payments on your site with eCheck or credit card

  1. Zach says:

    Hey – this looks like a great plugin. Question: Can I send customers who donate money a customizable email receipt? I see social-ink has another credit card processing app for Stripe, and it explicitly says there are email receipts for that plugin. This one as well?

  2. dehayst says:

    Tried sending an email using the contact us form, but doesn’t seem to go through. Animated gif beside the submit button just runs and runs. Hit me back by email. I have an inquiry for you.

  3. Steve Beatty says:


    I am very interested in your Simple Payments WordPress Plugin for a Non-Profit Client of mine. Currently they use a hard coded donation form within their WordPress Website Template.

    Currently my client is experiencing a lot of fraud charges to their authorize account…some times over a hundred per day.

    Since these are only donations and not selling items, they are not losing any money from these fraud charges. However, and the Credit Card companies still charge their fees every time a fraud charge goes through.

    Now you can see how these charges can add up.

    We are looking for a better solution…one that allows for pre-approval of donations before they are sent to This way if multiple donations from the same name or cc # come in, then they can contact that user to verify before charging. Or decide to disapprove them before they go through to Authorize.

    Does your plugin have the ability for the client to approve or disapprove the transaction within WordPress before it is sent to for charging?

    If it does not, would that be something you would consider adding as a feature?

    Also, doe sit have the ability to track the users IP Address? Authorize says they can only block transactions in their system by blocking an IP Address. However, the person only needs to obtain a new IP Address to charge again, so approval system would be much better.

    They are a very high profile Non-Profit and need their donations.


  4. ed says:

    I have a client who needs to collect payments using (stay on the site) for one time payments and recurring magazine subscriptions (not donations) – would this be possible?

    • Yonatan Reinberg says:

      Hi Ed-
      Yes, thats the plugin – I use contribution as all purpose but any kind of money acceptance is fine.

  5. Griffin says:

    Hi, this looks like it could be a excellent, simple solution for one of my clients.

    Do you have a refund policy? Rather than ask you detailed questions about it’s capabilities, I’d much rather just buy the plugin and see if it will suit my needs, and get a refund if it doesn’t.

    • Yonatan Reinberg says:

      Had not thought of that Griffin. Please contact us through the contact form at our shop ( and explain your situation more.

      • Griffin says:

        Hey, I tried your contact form, and when I hit send it just kept loading forever. Here it is again, in case you didn’t receive it:

        I have a client who needs to accept donations on their website, and your plugin seems like it may fit the bill. The website is, and it’s currently still under development.

        Visitors to the site should be able to choose from a number of suggested donation amounts (ideally radio buttons) or enter their own custom donation amount.

        Further, users must be able to choose to make their payments recurring (monthly quarterly, yearly etc.)

        I’ve had bad experiences in the past with plugins that promised a lot but didn’t exactly deliver what I need. And I would feel better about purchasing your product if I knew I could get my money back in case it doesn’t fit my requirements for any reason.

        Let me know! I realize that you guys just finished developing this thing, and probably haven’t even thought about things like refund policies. I don’t need anything super crazy, just an email promising that you will return my money if the plugin doesn’t suit my needs. Otherwise, I’m ready to buy your plugin right now.


  6. Tristan says:

    Hi, I think your plug-in is exactly what my organization is looking for. I have a couple of questions though:

    1.)Does the recurring billing happen automatically via the plugin? I assume it does as it seems very well designed and developed, but I would like to make sure.

    2.) Where do I go to purchase it? I see the license is $55 but I can’t seem to find anything else.


    • Yonatan Reinberg says:

      Hi Tristan,
      Thanks for your interest. The plugin initiates the subscription with Authorize but it is authorize that actually re-bills the user at the given interval. Regarding purchase we are pushing a new version this weekend, after which the plugin will be available for download.

      • Tristan says:

        Wonderful! I look forward to it and I will check back here on Monday.

      • Tristan says:

        Any word on download availability? I’ve looked around and I can’t find anything in the post that may have changed, though I may have missed it.


      • Yonatan Reinberg says:

        Tristan, we apologize for the delay. We’re trying to get our shop polished up and the code for the app ready to go. It should be done shortly – thanks for your patience and your interest!

    • Yonatan Reinberg says:

      Hi Tristan-
      The plugin is now available for purchase at our new shop,
      Thanks for visiting Social Ink!

  7. dave says:

    Very interested in your plug-in for our nonprofit… two questions:

    Instead of only an amount box (other) can there also be a few suggested donations amounts?
    How does one get a donor to indicate recurring (e.g. monthly) giving?

    Many thanks!

  8. Jon says:

    And… How do I download this plugin??

  9. Jon says:

    Will this plugin work with any other processors? Like Bluehost?

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