By popular demand, we have released a new version of “the best WordPress newsletter plugins out there”! It includes:

  • Widget – drag and drop yPHPLista into any widgetized area!
  • Backend PHP function
  • Multiple lists – use comma separated values either in your default backend or in the individual posts to add users to multiple lists!
  • Thorough bug testing ;-)

Go here to read all about it!.

One Response to Announcing yPHPLista 1.1.1!

  1. Peter Hill says:

    I have installed yphplista1.1.1 on WordPress3.4.2. Added the widget. This puts a user into PHPLIST and sends the email asking for confirmation, BUT the wp page shows the message
    ‘Sorry, we couldn’t add your address. Please try again or contact the system administrator,! Please check your email to confirm your signup.’ and the button continues to say ‘Submitting’.

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